Selling My Teaching Resources Online: 5 Ways That Kayse Morris Changed My Life

Selling my teaching resources online changed my life and it can change yours too!

I am a creature of habit. I LOVE routine and everything that is familiar. I am not the type to take big risks…until I met Kayse Morris and began selling my teaching resources online.

Ever heard of the teacher rut? The mom rut? What about the life rut? Well, just a few short months ago I had all three. This past year my husband and I welcomed a wonderful baby girl into our lives. As amazing as the experience of becoming a mom has been, it has also shown me a whole new level of tired. On top of learning how to be a mom, I also had 25 second graders who needed me to be on top of my game every second I was with them.

Between teaching and mom-ing, I put myself on the back burner and forgot who I was. That’s when Kayse unexpectedly entered my life and everything began to change. I was scrolling through Instagram when I saw an ad for her Transform Your Resources course. After listening to Kayse explain what was offered in the course I knew I needed to take the plunge. I figured it could help me make a few extra dollars. Little did I know it would change so much more.

Transform your resources, transform your life.

My Creativity Came Back

A little-known fact about me is that I graduated with a duel degree in elementary and art education. I used to paint and take photographs all of the time and it was a huge outlet for me. After I graduated and began teaching full-time, I slowly stopped doing these things. It wasn’t a lack of a passion that stopped me but a lack of time in the truly overwhelming first years of teaching.

Creating my resources for my classroom has become the best creative outlet that I could have dreamed of. I am now able to use my skills to make beautiful, creative resources for my students. I feel like myself again because I have found a new and different way to express myself. The best part of the Transform Your Resources course for me is that Kayse has given me everything I need to know. From the basics of creating a resource to marketing it, she anticipates my questions and answers them completely. And since I’m creating professional, creative resources…..

I got my teaching groove back.

My Passion for Teaching Exploded

I have always loved my job as a teacher and can’t imagine myself doing anything else, but that didn’t stop me from falling into a teaching rut. After teaching the same grade level for a few years I found myself unable to look at the standards in a new way. I had a way to teach all of them and fell into a routine. Like I said earlier, I love my routines but after a while of doing the same things over and over again in the classroom it can get old. Once I started making my own teaching resources I suddenly started to dream up new ways to present the same information. My passion for teaching grew into a wildfire. I now look forward to each day because I’m testing out my OWN professional resources and seeing the joy that they bring to my students.   

Believe in yourself through selling your own resources online.

I Started Believing in Myself Again

With my creativity and passion for teaching at a new level, I started to see all that I could do. My ruts were gone! A switch went off in my brain that allowed me to see all that I could do. I didn’t need to go back into any of my ruts and I knew that I wouldn’t. Kayse’s course filled them in and gave me the tools to build an empire where they once were. I wake up feeling energized, knowing that I can do amazing things. Working out became part of my routine again and feel the best that I have in years! I look at myself in an entirely different light and can now look at life for the journey that it is. This is just the beginning of my journey and I have never felt more motivated to achieve my goals.

Who doesn’t want some extra money?

Extra Money

Did you all know that daycare and formula are expensive? My husband and I went into parenthood with the plans of a family member taking care of our daughter and breastfeeding. But circumstances change and breastfeeding doesn’t work out (that’s a blog post for another time) and the costs start adding up quickly. With rising costs comes rising stress. I didn’t want to spend even more time away from my daughter after my workday and because I started selling my resources online, I didn’t have to. Who doesn’t want extra money?  

After completing the Transform Your Resources course I was able to jump into The CEO Teacher course and change my life even more.

My Dreams Are Bigger Than Ever

This is just the beginning for me. Kayse has shown me that I am no different than any of the other teacherpreneurs out there, I just didn’t have the right tools. I am capable and, guess what? By becoming a CEO Teacher I am going to achieve all of my wildest dreams.  

So invest in yourself! Selling my teaching resources online has changed my outlook on life.You may be thinking that you could never sell your resources online but I’m here to tell you that you can! I knew NOTHING about this when I started just a few short months ago but Kayse has made the journey so fun and doable. If I can do it, you can too! Sign up for Transform Your Resources and start changing your life!

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